How To Learn The Mechanics Of NHL Superstars

The Exact System To Add Superstar Mechanics To Your Game And Transform Your Results

Learn how to study Superstar NHLers and absorb their movements. This Free Training is not just "skill development". It's cutting through all of the wrong advice that has held you back for years, and gets to the heart of what makes players successful.

What Is In The Free Training Area?

  • The Movement Science Method to learn and adapt superstar NHL mechanics to your body and your game

  • Downhill Skating System training for more speed in all directions with less effort

  • The Precise Puck Control program that goes beyond stickhandling and drills to show you how to use your entire body to effortlessly control the puck

  • The Slingshot Shooting System that shows you how to leverage todays new sticks for a whiplike release

  • How to skate like McDavid free training and breakdown

  • Laine's 4th secret breakdown and free training

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here

    • How To Learn NHL Mechanics - How To Get Started

    • Downhill Skating System Introduction

    • Precise Puck Control Introduction

    • Slingshot Shooting System Introduction

    • Join The Club

  • 2

    Downhill Skating System Webinar - Free Training

    • How to learn Downhill Skating

    • How to skate Downhill

  • 3

    How To Skate Like McDavid

    • Mechanics Breakdown

    • How To Skate Like McDavid

  • 4

    Laine's 4th Secret

    • How to Shoot Like Laine - The Fourth Secret

    • How To Shoot Like Laine

  • 5

    Case Studies

    • Shawn O'Donnell

    • How To Transform Your Game

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